i had placed an order for tanning lotion and it has been over 3 months and still no order and no money. I had also called and emailed so many time now. so take our advice don't order anything for the tan store they will take your money and will not give you your order.I would like to get a hold of someone in this company because this is not fair to the hard working people. I would like to hear from other people that has had problems with this company. email me at bkhnnh@aol.com.

Barbara Baker

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tanstore.com and tanningstore.com seem to be the same site, not sure if they are fraud or not. They seem to be trying to compete with thetannningstore.com which has always been great for me. I got almost got them confused and glad I did not order from tanstore.com


I am seeing bad comments too and wondered if this is about www.tanningstore.com or if it is a different company...


I wanting to buy numerous items from the tanning store. I notice there are lots of negative comments regarding tan store. I'm wondering if they are talking about the same place.


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