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I also placed an order with the tanstore@yahoo.com back on June 5th for one simple bottle of tanning lotion.Its does state that it can take up to 2 weeks for orders to be shipped but in rare cases.

Also that you will recieve an email with a tracking number. It is now July the 7th and still no lotion and no return email. I have sent probably 50 emails over the last month with no responses. There is no contact number for them either and I have looked all over the internet for one.

I don't know what to do at this point except NEVER USE THE TANSTORE! I have ordered from other online tan stores and never had this kind of service. Absolutly ridiculous that a company can't manage to send one bottle of lotion in a timely manner. Even a response would be nice at this point.

Not to mention they had no problem charging it to my card the very next day after I ordered it!

Monetary Loss: $32.

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I have experienced the exact same thing.I did get my bank to refund my money, but first had to supply them proof of due diligence in trying to resolve myself with certified letter.

I finally filed a claim with the BBB and the Fair Trade Commission and would encourage all other victime of The Tan Store to do the same. There are even more of us out there - see iripoff.com/1203/the_tan_store.html for more complaints.

BEWARE: I believe that this company has set up new stores in both Yahoo and Amazon, so check the Contact us sections for similarities before you buy!Good Luck Everyone!

West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada #23446

I too placed an order on June 9th spent almost $50 and they had no problem taking the money from my debit card and here it is July 21 and I have not gotten an email other than an automated response about the flooding and closed for the holiday. I have sent an email to them everyday..I feel we should at least be reimbursed or have our orders filled. An email as to the status would be nice.

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